Aaron Spencer

executive functioning coach

Aaron Spencer, Executive Functioning Coach

Aaron Spencer (he/him)

Aaron is an artist of all types. He draws and paints and plays piano.  He sings and writes. He studied acting as an undergraduate at the University of Utah and can often be seen performing with The Drinking and Writing Theatre Company and other theatre companies all over Chicago, where he currently lives.

Aaron has worked dozens of jobs that range from home security technician to substitute teacher to small animal handler/educational performer at the zoo (he was the one in the khaki explorer’s outfit).  When he started studying executive functioning, his long resume of non-traditional employment made a lot more sense.  Aaron was never built for a 9 to 5.

Aaron is passionate about helping people take control of their creativity and their life.  As an Executive Functioning Coach, Aaron enjoys helping clients move from being ‘hobbyists’, ‘struggling students’, and ‘starving artists’ into being effective artists, self-directed learners, and fully-realized individuals.


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