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Executive Functioning Coach

Sarah Gise (she/her)

Sarah is an executive functioning coach, educator, podcaster, candle company owner, singer, and Chicago award-nominated actor. She sees coaching as an opportunity for her clients to develop a roadmap for their own brain.

With a long history as an ND individual, Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 8, granting her a deep understanding of the challenges and joys associated with having a brain that diverges from the norm. Her lived experience as a neurodivergent person informs the authentic and meaningful connections she establishes with her clients. Having accumulated four years of executive functioning coaching experience, coupled with a lifetime of neurodivergence, Sarah confidently approaches a diverse clientele with tailored strategies aimed at enhancing their lives.

Sarah’s journey into performance arts began in childhood, fostering a profound fascination with the human brain as she delved into the psyches of various characters. Her artistic endeavors span singing, directing, storytelling, drawing, writing, and crafting, reflecting her relentless pursuit of creative expression. In 2020, Sarah launched The ADHD Artist Podcast, a platform dedicated to exploring the lives of artists with ADHD, featuring interviews with neurodivergent artists worldwide.

Drawing from her diverse background, Sarah specializes in assisting professional artists and creatives grappling with challenges such as time management, goal setting, organization, and procrastination. Her firsthand understanding of balancing artistic pursuits with practical responsibilities uniquely equips her to empathize with her clients’ struggles. Beyond artists, Sarah also finds fulfillment in supporting individuals from “non-artistic” careers seeking to infuse creativity into their lives while honing executive functioning skills.

Sarah’s lived experience with chronic illness enriches her connections and strategies with neurodivergent individuals facing similar health challenges. While not a licensed mental health professional, she is adept at recognizing signs indicating the potential benefits of therapy, allowing her to provide appropriate support and referrals when necessary.

A key strength in Sarah’s approach is her creative mind. Often, new clients approach her frustrated with hearing the same repetitive advice on how to improve their executive functioning. Even those who have worked with previous therapists or coaches sometimes feel they hit a wall in finding new strategies. The approach Sarah has tailored throughout the years is essentially an experiment. With each client, she identifies the problems (things that are happening that they would like to change), brainstorms strategies to improve them, chooses a strategy, and tests it out. Whether it’s one strategy or a hundred, Sarah collaborates with her clients to find effective solutions. Additionally, she is equipped to reassess previous solutions and develop new ones if the old strategies no longer work. Effectively addressing executive dysfunction in neurodivergent clients is complex, and with clear communication, Sarah is committed to supporting them throughout their journey.

At Effective Artistry, the therapy and coaching practice where Sarah works, she remains at the forefront of the neurodiversity movement. Continuously evolving and growing, Sarah’s coaching philosophy centers on authenticity and presence during sessions, fostering trust and understanding by prioritizing honesty over pretense. She refrains from lecturing, preferring to offer resources such as YouTube videos and books as part of the coaching process.

Central to Sarah’s coaching philosophy is prioritizing language and shared language, ensuring that her clients feel genuinely heard and understood. She often incorporates humor into her sessions, creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. Clients can get a sense of her humor through the snarky candles she designs at

Although not a licensed mental health provider, Sarah is trained to recognize signs indicating when a client may benefit from engaging in therapy. This awareness allows her to offer appropriate support and referrals when needed.

Services Offered: Executive Functioning Coaching, Creative Coaching, Neurodiversity-Affirming Coaching

Specialties: Neurodiversity, ADHD, Late-Diagnosis, Self-Diagnosis, Artists, Creatives, Art-Making, Chronic Illness, Rejection Sensitivity, Mindfulness

Ages: Teens, Adults

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Check out the podcast Sarah hosts below, entitled "The ADHD Artist Podcast."